Friday, 30 December 2011


I have on a number of occasions been asked to put a testimonial page on my website, I hope (that without the help of any of my brilliant techy friends) that I have now added one! Should you have given an Itzapromise puppy or kitten a home, or indeed if you have just paid us a visit, with a view to a new addition some time in the future this is the place to let others hear about your experience. I hope that people will find it a useful tool. Obviously I would still hope to hear from people personally as to how things are going from time to time.

We are now down to 8 pups in the house, 4 of which are still looking for homes, though I currently have interest in two of the boys. All are doing very well, my house and garden are not doing so well!! I hope to get the remaining pups bathed and groomed over the next week, so that I can show you exactly how stunning they are (mind you I still think they are little crackers even looking a bit grubby and hairy!)

Friday, 23 December 2011

Pastures New

I can't say it is quiet here yet, but my poodle slippers have started to diminish. 3 of Dollars pups and 2 of Audreys have left for their new homes, several more will be leaving between Christmas and new year. I hope all settle quickly and their owners have great fun with them.

All Dollars pups have now been homed and one of Audreys girls has also got a lovely home waiting for her after Christmas, this leaves 3 cracking rufty tufty little boys and a very sweet girl still availale. Once Christmas is over and a few more of the sold pups have left home I will take some individual pictures of those pups still availale

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Chipped and ready to go!

I chickened out! I have never had to call the vet to the house before but I just couldn't face taking 18 x 7 week old pups to the surgery for micro chipping. The vet arrived at 9:30 this morning and by just after 10 all the pups and Diva (my sphynx girl) had been chipped, the only one to make a sound was Tiny Tim(pictured strutting his stuff below). A couple were a little shell shocked for a minute, but they were all up and running by the time the vet left, thank you very much Sam.

All Dollars pups except for 1 blue boy(pictured) now have homes but unfortunately we now have 3 apricot boys and 2 apricot girls needing homes, some of these pups had had homes waiting, but for genuine reasons these homes are no longer in a position to take them (better to make that decision before they come and see the pups than after they have taken them home) . Hopefully the right homes will come forward once Christmas is over, though I would be pleased to chat to anyone interested in these babies before that.

All the pups have come on wonderfully, there is not a nervous pup amongst them, the house training has been started (sort of), in the last 5 days we have only had two poos indoors, much helped by the dry mild weather we have had, and they have not had any poos overnight for nearly two weeks now! Wee on the other hand, are still being worked on, though the majority are now either on the newspaper or on the way to the back door :). Some of these pups have real show potential, not only do they have good conformation they have that attitude that says 'look at me'. All in all I couldn't be happier with the litters. The first pups will be off to pastures new this week.

Miss T's kittens are now getting to the stage where they are taking in what is going on around them, they have not yet left the nest but I don't think it will be long. At the moment I will be looking for homes for the 3 boys as I hope to be keeping the girl (haven't mentioned it to Graham yet!

I would like to wish all those with an Itzapromise dog or cat a very Happy Christmas and the same to all those that don't yet have one.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


I am running very short of newspapers, PLEASE could anyone who is visiting the pups in the next couple of weeks, bring whatever newspapers they can lay their hands on.

Also if anyone is visiting their pup before collection, if they would like to bring a towel or a bit of bedding with them I will ensure that it smells of mum and siblings so when you take your pup home he/she will have a familiar scent in their new home.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas holidays

Just though it would be worth mentioning, that although, for fairly obvious reasons, I would rather the pups are collected on or near their ready date, I will consider keeping the pups until January, though if it is later than the 3rd of Jan I will require money to cover costs. I hope that this helps those who are worried about taking on a pup over the Christmas period.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Shades of Colour

It's been an upsetting week, having discovered that Dollars girls are blue 2 are now looking for homes again, also one of Audreys pups that I was sure was a red at birth is possibly a very dark apricot and if that is the case she will also be looking for a home. Whilst I fully understand that the people who had originally booked them want a specific colour and have every right to change their mind as the pups are not the colours they were hoping for, it is very sad for me to see such beautiful pups needing homes again because they are the wrong shade of colour. This means that there are now 2 blue girls and 1 blue boy available and two apricot boys and one, maybe two, apricot girls available. Update, 1 of the blue girls now has a lovely family and home waiting for her.

These pups are possibly the most friendly litters that I have had, perhaps helped by the fact that due to the weather they have been indoors with me all the time. They are all well made solid pups with excellent breeding behind them. In addition to all the socialisation stuff I have done with previous litters I have been playing a 'scarey sounds' CD so that hopefully fireworks, storms etc won't bother them in the future. They have also met a strange dog and rather than being wary of him, he was positively mugged by the pups, Chip is a collie x and is an excellent dog to introduce pups to as not only is he tolerant he is also very gentle with them.
On the plus side, I had a lovely gesture, Sarah who is having one of Audreys pups dropped off pressies for the mums and had made a calendar for me using photos of my girls. Sarah I was really touched by this and it put a smile on my face during a rough week :-)Thank you.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

A few more piccies

Since the pups have been on solids they have become proper playful pups :-) All are tucking into their food with enthusiasm and all are now chunky little pups with the larger apricot pups now being a similar size to the smaller silvers.
On the subject of silver pups, at the beginning of this week I took a proper look at the colour of Dollars pups and it turns out that only 3 of the pups are silver, the remaining 5 are blues. This has caused 1 lady to change her mind about having a pup so there is now a blue girl available along with one blue boy. There is much confusion about the colour blue, largely caused by people calling bad blacks blue. Blue, to my mind, is a deeper grey than silver and it has a blue hue to it, it is not a steel or grizzled black colour. Here is a link to a true blue Blue Poodle.which I have permission to use, I am hoping to receive some puppy and changing coat pictures to put up as well. The blues do take longer to reach their final colour, 2 to 4 years, but I think they are beautiful and worth the wait.
We still have 2 apricot boys and one apricot girl looking for homes, they are cracking little pups and have inherited their mums happy friendly nature.

 Spirit is proving to be a wonderful Auntie, despite only being 7 months old she shows amazing self control with the babies and is very gentle with them, to the point that she will happily let them crawl all over her when she lies down.

Miss T's kittens are all doing well and I will try and get some more photos in the next few days.