Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Another Day Out

We had another lovely day out today when a friend and I took Dollar, Spirit and Audrey down to Cornwall to catch up with Frankie (my blind pup from last year) and Fiki one of Dollars pups from last year along with their owner Mary and her Std boy Zuri and toy, Ebby.
I don't think that the girls recognized each other but Zuri was more than happy to have more girls join his harem and the youngsters had a fantastic time racing around the fields in the rain. Meanwhile Audrey and Dollar enjoyed a rather more sedate stroll with regular treat stops (I think they may have had 1 or 2 too many judging by the smell in my lounge at the moment, lol).

We are getting close now, the whelping boxes will be brought in tomorrow as Dollar is due this weekend and Audrey is not far behind with her pups due the following Friday.
All the Devon kittens have now been homed, including the torti girl that I was very tempted to keep. There is just one little torti sphynx girl still available. Please give me a ring if you would like further information about her


SW said...

Amazing photos of your beautiful girls, Jane!! What a lovely day out...and how nice to see them running free and having such fun. They are so athletic !! Can't wait now for the pups to arrive (nor can Dollar and Audrey, I am sure!).... hope all goes well with the births :)

jane murphy said...

great pics Jane. They all look so happy! Waiting for the arrival of the pups now :-)

Rosie Ison said...

Excuse me !!!! but I'm your only friend..you seem to have far too many new ones nowadays :-((((((((
Lovely pics xx

mary e. said...

It was such a lovely day - in spite of the weather - so good to see you all (humans and K9)- and great fun walking out with half a dozen spoos.
Looking forward to the new babies arrival- seems just a week or two since we were waiting for our Itzapromise pup to arrive -and now just look at them!!
Hope all goes well -Looking forward to the next Itzapromise trip to Cornwall.
(Rosie -you gotta learn to share!!)