Sunday, 13 June 2010

Quick Update

Dollar and Martha both have expanding waistlines now, and both are slowing down somewhat. Dollar is looking a bit bigger than Rhonda but that could simply be because she is a few days further ahead than Rhonda and also Rhonda went through a period of being off her food (no longer the case, she is now eating very well).

Clive has developed into a terrific little lad, bursting with fun and a real handful. He is going to his new family on Saturday.

 Miss Gatsbys babies are lovely, they are on the go non stop. Most of them are going to start a new adventure with new families this weekend. The one exception is the absolutely gorgeous lilac and white boy, he is still looking for a home where he will be the centre of attention (he is registered not for breeding).

Miss Tibbs babies are also up and running now. Three of these have definite homes waiting and the remaining boy (black and white) has interest in him but I am taking enquiries on him still. These babies will be with me for a few more weeks.

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Rosie Ison said...

so where are the videos??????????