Friday, 30 September 2011

Divas kittens

Unfortunately we had a disaster whilst we were away last week, we lost our favorite kitten, Paul. Having fallen behind a couple of weeks ago Paul had appeared to make a good recovery and had started catching up with his siblings. The day after we left we got a phone call to say that he was huddled up and quiet, although his appetite was good. I thought that he may well have got a bit cold again and asked for his sock/jumper to be put back on. The following morning, my birthday, we had another phone call to say that he passed away in the night. I later found out that he had had an acute attack of diarrhea (can never remember how to spell) but as I wasn't told this at the time I couldn't suggest treatment or vet visit.

The remaining kittens are now well and truely up and about. They are all little purr machines who love human attention. despite having numerous pieces of cat furniture to climb on, if Graham sits down they are over him like a rash.


Sabrina said...

I am so sorry to hear that you lost little Paul :-(
But good that the others are all well :-)

Sabrina x

jane murphy said...

very sorry to hear about Paul Jane....x