Sunday, 27 January 2013

Harry - again :-(

There is a recent post on Harry (with pictures) as, due to unforeseeable circumstances, the people who had initially booked him, were unable to take him on. He was readvertised and very quickly found another home.
Now he is looking again, through no fault of his own. Biggus Dickus was also reserved very early on, but unfortunately the person who had booked him turned out to be a terrible time waster, so he too became unexpectedly available. When the new people who had booked Harry realised that BD was available, they decided that they would prefer him to Harry (no problem), but of course this now means that Harry is once again available.


Pam said...

He's such a lovely boy, Jane. He looks like he's got gobs of character! I do hope you find a good home for him :)
- Pam

Jane Rowden said...

Thank you Pam, he is now spoken for again, fingers crossed he leaves for pastures new very soon.