Friday, 15 July 2011

Home Alone (apart from all the other dogs and cats)

Out of Dillis five pups, four have now left to start their lives in a new home, so we have one little boy who is 'home alone'. He is a lovely little character who enjoys a fuss and a cuddle but who is also quite prepared to play with my standard pup who must be at least six times bigger than he is. He was 8 weeks old on Tuesday so is the perfect age to go to his new home, he is not show quality but has all the qualities he needs to make a fantastic loving pet. As always there are more photos on Update - this lucky boy is off to Guernsey in a couple of weeks. My plan to take over the Channel Islands with toy poodles is working as one of his brothers is already in Jersey :-) lol.

All the kittens now have homes waiting for them, except for one of Tibb's blue boys.

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