Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mother Nature

Unfortunately Diva lost one of her girls this morning. Although all the kittens initially did very well I started to notice that one of the girls was always away from the rest, normally behind mum. Every time I put her back with  her litter mates she latched on and fed. This continued for the next 24 hrs by which time I started to get the feeling something wasn't quite right, although to me it looked like a normal kitten. This morning I came down to find it had been removed from the nest and was very cold, I warmed it up and put it back in but by this stage she didn't try to suckle, within an hour or so she quietly passed away.

I learned a long time ago that you can't fight natural instinct, obviously if you have a baby that is just a bit smaller and needs help , you do all you can to ensure it gets it's fair share of food, warmth and love, but if mum has given up on it there is usually a reason and in these circumstances I feel it is best to keep them as comfy as possible and let mother nature make the decisions.

The remaining kittens and Mum are all doing very well and I have absolutely no concerns about them.

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