Sunday, 14 February 2010

All Change/ Silver Standard Poodle Puppies?

Well so much for my breeding plans in last weeks blog!! Those who are waiting for a Rhonda puppy, I am still planning to mate her as soon as she comes into season, but I am now hoping she holds off for a few more weeks as I am taking Martha to be mated this afternoon.

I have changed my plans as I worked out that if I waited for Martha's next season it would mean pups ready very close to Christmas, which is obviously not a good plan. I chose Martha instead of Dollar as Martha is ready to mate now, but Dollar is still not in season, with a bit of luck Rhonda will not come in season straight away so there will hopefully be a few weeks between pups, and the chances are that Rhonda and Dollar will come in together and Rhonda is the one I definitely want to mate this year. So looks like Dollar will be next year now.

This week is going to be a bit of a nightmare, as I have 6 girls in season, walks are out of the question, on top of that it is half term, so I have a group of very fit dogs who are ready to go out every time I move, and at all other times are "having intimate cuddles" with each other! and on top of that my daughter who will need to be kept busy.

On a different note I have had a couple of visits from Bella's puppies in the last couple of weeks, they are cracking little characters, very much on the go and hopefully good working dogs in the making. I have also had several photos from them and others and plan to put some of them on here very soon. (not at the PC with my photos at the moment)

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Rosie Ison said...

You also didn't mention the visit from your bestest friend with her dog !!