Wednesday, 28 October 2009

3 Weeks old and homeless!!

Betty's pup, which at the moment is being called Blobby due to his rather round well fed shape, has now got his eyes open and is making some effort to get up and about. He is doing very well as he has no competition, but being an only baby means that he isn't happy when Betty leaves him for a toilet break so he now has a cuddly toy to snuggle into when he is left.
Within 72 hours of him being born I had 3 people who were very keen to have this little man, but unfortunately all have had to pull out due to personal circumstances so he has gone from being very much spoken for to needing to find a special home. He is still too young to say what sort of character he will be, obviously he should be a bold well adjusted lad but we will have to wait and see as to whether he will be a hooligan or a lap dog.
He has started to have visitors now(feline as well as human) so that his socialisation can begin.

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