Monday, 16 November 2009

Cinders R.I.P.

Yesterday, whilst in the care of a good friend, Cinders was hit by a car and killed. This was a terrible accident and no one is to blame, not even the F****ing taxi driver who didn't stop even though there were children in the road trying to get Cinders back, and when later tracked down said she didn't have time to stop for that sort of thing as she had to get to work!
I write this as a little tribute to her memory. I was conned when I bought Cinders, she came from a respected breeder who lives about 6 hours from me, on the initial phone enquiry I stressed that to fit into our household she needed to be an outgoing pup (she was 5 months old when I took her on). I was assured this was the case. Due to journey time we agreed to meet at a show where he was exhibiting some of his other dogs. He presented me with a cat box with a very frightened pup at the back of it, he assured me that this was purely because she had never been in a car before and a show is a frightening place for a first visit. I should have listened to my instincts and walked away, but because of the journey we had made I allowed myself to beleive him. As we were leaving (having paid a huge sum of money for her) he casualy mentioned that she had never had a coolar or lead on, wasn't housetrained and he hadn't given her a name.
When we got home she spent the first few weeks hiding in corners and would go rigid when picked up, in time she trusted us and learned to enjoy human and canine company. Walks were her greatest pleasure, she ran like the wind, chased rabbit and deer with the big dogs on walks and played with toys, she wouldn't hesitate about running up to greet people we met on her walks. I think her walks were the way she de stressed herself as she was quite a hyper dog in the house. She also insisted on sitting on my lap in the evenings which is where she felt secure.
What we never achieved was geting her completly housetrained. I know she started life in a flat, what I am guessing she was crated for lengthy periods as she would happily soil her pen and then sleep in it, she would also toilet anywhere else in the house if she got caught short. We worked hard on this by giving her every opportunity to go out, and by keeping her beds clean at all times, and to a certain extent this worked but if she was upset about anything she would forget and would mess in her pen overnight.
She had a puppy last year, and initialy she was very overprotective about him, burrying him in the bedding and carrying him around the house! but in the end she did a very good job with him and Jack was a fantastic happy little chap.
I am now glad I took Cinders on as I think the two years she spent here were good ones, far better than the life she had previously, without a name, without walks and without love.


Rosie Ison said...

Oh my god Jane, I am so sorry to hear this. I will give you a ring.
Take Care x

Harrjak said...

oh how awful for you all, im glad she had a lovely life with you
RIP cinders
big hugs to you and your family at this sad sad time x

T9sus4 said...

How dreadful for you all! Lost for words, thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

oh I'm so sorry for you and may cinders rest in peace.