Sunday, 13 March 2011

And then there was one :-(

Vanessa is now on her own, her brother and sisters are now settling into fantastic new homes. Perry and Isobella were both collected (both are now called Bella!) and I was fortunate enough to see Ferb in his new home as I delivered him, he was a little star. Both he and Candace had a 3 hour journey to Surrey where we then spent a couple of hours at my friends house. The pups were understandably a little confused on arrival but within a matter of minutes were happily investigating their new surroundings. They were then introduced to a completely manic 11 week old min poodle pup and they spent the next hour charging around the garden.
Candace was then collected and had a short trip to her new home with Jane and her 2 and 4 legged family. Then Ferb was loaded into the car and we took him to his new home. He was very confident and took meeting his very well mannered Border Collie housemates in his stride. He tucked into his dinner and was a good boy having a couple of wees outside in the garden. It was lovely to see him in such a good environment.
Vanessa was a sad puppy on Friday night and got Graham up a couple of times in the night, but she is adjusting to life as a singleton well and last night was good as gold, hopefully she will have a new home in the very near future.UPDATE: Vanessa (soon to be Nessy) has a lovely home waiting for her :-)
I had a lovely time at Crufts with my friend Rosie (sorry about all the heavy shopping you had to help me carry, I know you love me really!). I searched high and low to find tiny toys for Fizzy and was very pleased to find what I was looking for, however they did not impress madam and she decided that the big pink octopus, that I bought for normal sized pups, was far more her cup of tea!

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Rosie Ison said...

I had a fab couple of days with you, and your pups are a testament to your fantastic breeding.

But sorry I really cannot forgive you for putting me through all the stress and strain of carrying EVERYTHING back to the car..My arms are now an extra 8" longer !!!..LOL :-))