Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Just as the last kitten goes....

We went away for 5 days in Sept, the first time we have been away as a family for more than a weekend, and Grahams parents very bravely offered to look after all the animals for us. They did an absolutely sterling job for which we are very grateful but unfortunately on the first day they were here (before we left) they opened one of the kitchen windows fully. Miss Tibbs was calling and very quickly took advantage of the open window and disappeared. As soon as I realised she had gone I let Manuel out because although I didn't want any more kittens this year, I figured is Miss T was going to be naughty I would far rather it was with Manuel than the local Romeo! They both returned, together, some hours later with smiles on their faces.
Yesterday the last sphynx kitten was leaving for Scotland and to be honest we were looking forward to being kitten free for a while, I had arranged to take her a couple of hours up the road to help with her new mums traveling time but before we got out the door Tibbs produced 4 lovely rex kittens (well done Manuel!). She has got 2 blue boys, 1blue and white boy and 1 lilac and white girl. All are fit and well.
Next year is going to be a much quieter year, I am only planning 1 litter of toy pups and 1 or possibly two litters of kittens.

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