Monday, 3 September 2012

itzapromisepoodles' photostream

DimeDimeAudreyQueen of all she surveysPoodle identity parade :)A murky day on Dartmoor
Dime plays chase by her own rules!Sioux and DimeSpirit, looking just a touch bedraggledSpirit at full stretchThe girls love Dartmoor tripsBreaking their sit /stay
Sit/Stay - unfortunately it was getting quite misty at this stageAudreySpiritSpiritSioux, surveying the lay of the landAnd she's off!
DollarAudreySpirit - still fairly dry at this stageDime having a good shake :)How many claws am I holding up?I can open my mouth this wide!

Yet more pictures :)

1 comment:

mary e. said...

Exciting plans for Audrey - hope all goes well for you both.
Bob looks so much like Sybil - if she has half the character of her granny she'll be a lovely addition to the Itzapromise gang!