Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Babies again :-)

Well just as the pups have left for (apart from Boswell who is waiting for his family to return from their holiday in a couple of weeks) we have more babies, though this time they are only here as visitors whilst their owner recovers from surgery. Harley is a beautiful, affectionate torti girl who has been staying here for a few weeks since her romance with Manuel. Today she started quite a heavy bloody discharge, but showed no signs of labour. This meant a fairly urgent trip to the vets (not great when you're not meant to be driving after knee surgery!), the vets confirmed what I already thought, and Harley was admitted for an emergency caesarian.  Despite every effort from the vet nurses, one of the kittens failed to breathe, but we do have two beautiful male kittens and a very very proud mum.

 So far it sounds like all of Nina's pups have walked into their new homes and acted like they have always been there. Thank you to all of the new families who have let me know that all is ok, it really does mean so much to me, as do occasional updates as they grow up (photos are always a bonus!)

Boswell felt a little sad yesterday, unlike his siblings he didn't have a new home to explore and new family members to greet. Today he has been integrated into life with the big dogs and despite being told off by nearly all of them, he is loving the new company. We have started a little basic training today, starting with the sit command (he already has a great recall), he is bright as a button and back to his happy self now that he has new things/friends to think about.

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