Thursday, 20 April 2017

Agility Dogs

Years ago I used to compete in agility with my black standard poodle, Lily and my 1st toy poodle Daphne. Lily was a brilliant agility girl (Daphne would have done better if she had been heavy enough to tip the see saw and strong enough to push through the collapsable tunnel (which is an obsolete obstacle nowadays) and we managed to compete at a reasonably high standard.

Last year I finally started regular agility training with Cash, he's a lovely boy and we have great fun, hopefully he will be ready to compete later this year and although I don't expect him to achieve much (he is bouncy rather than driven) it will be great to be out there doing something with him.

Eliza started agility just 3 weeks ago, I am full of optimism for her potential, she is already demonstrating drive and hopefully this will increase as her confidence grows. Watch this space as they say :)

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