Sunday, 21 May 2017

Been a little while!

With all the puppies and kittens demanding so much attention I have just realised that I have neglected to update my blog!
All the pups are now in their new homes and all the reports so far are lovely. The 1st 2 kittens have left the building, 1 more should be leaving this afternoon. Unfortunately the blue girl is having to stay a little longer as she managed to damage herself whilst tearing around and ended up with a stress hernia, we were initially hopeful that this would repair itself but that was not to be, so on Tuesday she will have the hernia repaired and will be spayed at the same time. At no time has the hernia affected her so hopefully she will breeze through the surgery and be ready to go to meet her new owner, a young lady called Lily, very very soon where she will smother her with purrs and kisses.
Here are a collection of puppy and kitten pictures taken over the last few weeks.

Tibbs definitely has middle age spread, but she now has an excuse as she is pregnant. This will be her last litter as she is an older lady now so she will be spayed after these babies. This in itself make the litter special, but it is even more special as Manuel is currently quite poorly. He has spent most of the last week at the vets and has had blood tests, xrays, ultrasound scans and has been on I/V fluid therapy. He is back home now and seems to be doing ok, but with no proper diagnosis we know that he may not be out of the woods yet, so please keep this special scruffy boy in your thoughts.

We also have chicks :)

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