Thursday, 18 October 2018


Today Florin was formally introduced to her mums nemesis, sheep. All went very well and I am relieved to say that Florin was suitably anxious in the company of a friends beautiful confident girls. She then went on to meet the slightly more nervy lambs, and fortunately these had the curiosity of most young animals and Florin was happy to give them a very wide berth after she had a close up and personal encounter with them in a pen (neither she nor the lambs had any physical contact with each other). Obviously I would not purposely put her in a position where sheep chasing is a possibility, but hopefully should we unexpectedly happen across sheep on a walk, she will look to me for reassurance before thinking about chasing, therefore giving me the opportunity to take control of the situation. Thank you so much for this opportunity Kathy, it really was a positive experience all round.

We had a friend staying this week, complete with her 4 dogs and a puppy. The dogs had a super time and although the weather wasn't great we had some lovely walks. The cats on the other hand were less than impressed with the 4 legged visitors. Pictures below from a couple of our recent walks. Note that Spirits waistline has started to expand :) She is just about 5 weeks into her pregnancy now.

After years of nagging from various friends and acquaintances I have decided to offer my dog photography services to others, with an emphasis on outdoors action shots. Initially concentrating on shoots local to me, which can include the stunning backdrop of Dartmoor and some lovely beaches. Please contact me if you would like further details. 

Finally, with the end of the year sneaking up on us, I still have  a limited number of my beautiful A3 sized calendars available. They are £16.50 each, including p&p, and could make a wonderful gift or stocking filler.

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