Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wish I could figure out the video!

Thankfully my friend, Rosie, who has the necessary know, how is coming to stay in 10 days so should have some video footage then. It' such a shame I can't figure it out as you just can't see what cracking characters these pups have become by looking at photos
Having said that, even taking a photo is becoming harder as the pups are so much more active now, and as soon as I kneel down to take a shot they come bounding over to play with me.
They are well and truly on solid food now, they are all looking on the plump side! They all go outside after they have eaten in order to go to the toilet and this seems to be working quite well, we have very few parcels in the house- though I can't say the same for puddles but I'm sure we'll get there over the next few weeks. As can be seen by one of the photos they are all keen to come back indoors when they have finished their ablutions.


Rosie Ison said...

Can't wait to see them all.
I shall give you a master class on video taking....ha ha

T said...

Thanks for entertaining us this afternoon. It was a great pleasure to meet the crowd again - and a very difficult take to make a choice! All your pups are just adorable.

However, to choose we had, so photos of "Charley" and a few video snippets here: