Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Almost ready to go

The puppies are continuing to progress well, not long until the first puppies start their new lives with their new families (Good Friday). They are encountering more people and situations and are taking it all in their stride, there isn't a shy or reserved pup amongst them!

They have adapted well to their routine of sleep, toilet, food and play and accidents are becoming fewer, we have not had a pup leave a parcel indoors for nearly a week now, and at 5.5 weeks old they are starting to be clean overnight (just a few puddles in the morning) so hopefully proper house training will follow easily.

The girls have all found new homes now (Graham is pleased as I was very keen to keep one) but we are still looking for homes for four of the boys, including my favourite who is the most affectionate snugly boy.
The chickens will miss the pups, as when they hear the food going down they circle like vultures for any scraps that might be left.
Sorry Ceil, it is Charlie chewing the shoe in the above picture!

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Priestess~Harper said...

Well, shoe laces are dangerous enemies that need subduing by brave puppy heroes . . .