Friday, 10 April 2009

Leaving Home

Well the first two have left home, both have gone to very nice couples which makes the parting easier for me. They both had their first bath and clip today so left looking and smelling very fresh, if a little shellshocked by the experience.
Three more are due to go next week, so it should start to get a bit easier getting from A to B now as there will be less ankle biters doing their best to hang on and trip me up everytime I move. Hopefully the last couple of boys will find their new homes very soon as, much as I love them, they need to start getting that one to one bond with their new owners.


T said...

Thanks for such a lovely puppy experience, I can't recommend you highly enough!

Charley is teaching us lots about himself by the minute and I think we'll learn to be good "parents" quickly. He is the most gentle and affectionate little snuggle bear - but also a fierce destroyer of cardboard rolls and pouncer of fluffy ducks! :-)

He's still struggling with gravity, though. I must say I've never laughed this much before 8 am!

Cheryl said...

Flame is such a great puppy. She sleeps through the night. She knows her name already. She is very good with her toilet.

She prances around like a little princess. She curls up on the sofa with the mini dachshunds.

She loves her toys. She loves her food also. She is very spoiled already and is carried around and kissed all the time.

Cheryl said...

Flame is owned by Kristy not Cheryl. I could not setup a blogger account. I used my mother's.