Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lilly in slow motion

This shows Lilly working at novice level, she was at the time one of the best std poodles competing in agility, she always drew a crowd. The second part of this clip shows her doing the same round in slow motion. This shows the amount of drive she had and how much work she put in to please me, I think it also shows the amount of stresses the sport puts on a dog and why it is so important not to do too much too soon and that your dog should be very fit and not carrying any excess weight (unlike me at the time, I did go on to loose 8 1/2 stone in a year and have kept nearly all of it off for 9 years :-)). Watching these videos now make me realise how much I miss it, perhaps I will find the time and money soon and have a go with Audrey and Dilli as I think they both have the right attitude.

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mary e. said...

She was amazing- i took Zurie to a few agility classes - he loved it too but I almost had to be resussed at the end of each class- a young persons sport so get out there and do it again while you can:-))
Watching in slo-mo had me weeping too