Thursday, 15 September 2011


Due to timewasters my little blue Devon Rex kitten is once again looking for a new home. It seems so unfair as he is a really affectionate kittens who wants to interact with you all the time. I had a phone call from a couple last weekend who definitely wanted him and would like to pick him up on Weds (yesterday). I phoned and left a message on their A/phone yesterday morning as I hadn't heard from them and still haven't had even the courtesy of an email to let me know what their intentions are. I just find this incredibly rude and I turned away a couple of potentially very good homes as I believed he was homed. Hopefully if any of the later interested parties read this they will contact me asap.
Please scroll down the page for his pictures, he is ready to go now.
Update: This little chap is now on his way to Cornwall :-)

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SW said...

You are so right, Jane...what a terrible way to behave. Only consolation is that he isn't going to live with them...probably a lucky escape for him.Hopefully he will find a much more deserving home....but so sorry for you being messed about.