Monday, 16 June 2014

2 weeks today

As the title suggests, the pups are two weeks old today, and they are coming along in leaps and bounds. Pink collar was the first to open her eyes, with most of the others following suit the next day, yellow girl is the last to open her with just a small quint visible this morning. Of course now that they have some vision (it will still be very blurry at this point) they can now gauge where the milk bar is, and have already started to realise that there is life beyond the box, as others have already predicted, I think red boy will be the first to breach the walls! I have one boy who is not yet spoken for.

It has been a bit of a juggling game this week, Dime is still not entirely comfortable with the other dogs being in the lounge with her pups, so at the moment we are only allowing a couple in at a time in a shift pattern, Miss Tibb's kittens (Ron, Harry and Hermione) are also in the lounge and they are just starting to want to explore, which means further juggling, on top of this Tiffany is in season so has to be kept separate from the main pack. Oh well, it keeps things interesting :-)

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