Monday, 11 August 2014

Puppy fun is not far off now!

I have owned std poodles since 1989 and bred my 1st litter in 1993, but still it never fails to amaze me at how quickly pups develop. Nina's pups are now 16 days old, they have their eyes open, they all get up and toddle around the whelping box and today I saw two of the pups engaging in play :-) They are also investigating the front of the box and I suspect that the great escape is not going to be too far off!

 I still have 2 little boys looking for a home and unexpectedly 1 of the girls has become available again as the lady who had booked her has decided that an older dog would better suit her lifestyle.
I am itching to see what colour the pups are, they all have varying degrees of white hair in-between their pads which often indicates that they will be silver, however, as yet, I can't see that they have any silver on their faces, so I will just have to be patient for another two weeks when I clip their faces and we can see if we have blues, silvers or a mixture of both.

Miss Tibb's Kittens are now all set for their new homes, they have had their 2nd vaccinations and had their microchips (brave babies). Unfortunately none of their new families are able to pick them up on time so my daughter is just going to have to endure another week or two of playing with them, poor girl :-)

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