Thursday, 21 August 2014

You turn your back for 5 mins.....

I went away for a couple of days last weekend, leaving Graham in charge, couldn't believe the change in the pups on my return. Not only have they grown but they have turned into proper toddlers, wanting to be out and investigating everything and shouting about their discoveries. They have also started on solid food which means Nina no longer feels the need to clean up after them. Nina will be returning to her home in Wales just before the pups are ready to go to their new homes, her owners are missing her and I know they are very keen to gave her back with them. It will be very quiet by the end of Sept, with no pups or kittens, Nina will have gone home and of course we are still very much missing Rhonda and Betty, though it is probably a good thing that there will be less to do, as I have to have a bit of minor surgery on my knee at the beginning of Sept and will be unable to do as much as normal for a while.

All the pups bar 1 boy have now been reserved, so please give me a ring if you would like to find out more. I will be clipping the pups in about a week, so will have a much better idea of colour then, but I suspect that most will be blue rather than silver. For those unfamiliar with the colour, think about the British Blue cat (Sheba adverts), I think it is a beautiful colour, a couple of shades darker than silver but with more intensity to it.

The kittens are all still here, the 1st boy to go leaves tomorrow, his sister the following weekend and the last boy at the beginning of Sept.

The adult dogs are, I confess, in serious need of a bath and clip, most are looking decidedly scruffy, this is as a result of having kittens and puppies to bring on combined with school holidays! They are however still getting plenty of exercise and cuddles :-)

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