Monday, 31 October 2016

A bit of training

Cash started agility training last year, we both really enjoyed it but unfortunately, after just a few weeks, the club closed and we failed to find another club. A couple of months ago we managed to resume our lessons at a new club and Cash is doing very well. One of the hardest obstacles to train are the weave poles, especially if you are limited to only training once a week at club. Thankfully our newly turfed chicken garden is now well enough established for me to put some poles up for practice, so, assuming the weather holds, the plan is to train for 5 minutes every day and with a bit of luck we should have this sussed in a couple of months :)
The first 2 videos show us training, the 3rd shows the distractions he is having to deal with :)

Now that Eliza is just about a year old I have started to introduce her to the poles too (no video yet) so that will be one less thing she has to learn when a space becomes available for her to join the agility classes.

The kittens are just fabulous, little monkeys are into everything!

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