Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Just out walking the dogs :)

These are just a few very short videos showing how the dogs behave on a typical walk, this is when we are on the fairly narrow paths, when we are in open fields or in the woods they are a bit more animated (as can be seen by photos that I frequently post), but hopefully this gives an insight on how sound all my dogs are with various distractions such as a jogger, group of teenagers, nervy dogs, noisy dogs and young children. As you will notice the dogs don't need to be called away from any of the situations and on these examples I had to need to stop them approaching anyone, but should we meet someone/a dog that is really not comfortable with my gang they will all come when asked and walk in a tight group with me and we would give as wide a berth as possible to whoever is worried.

Purdie is quite an old lady now, she will be 12 in a few weeks. Whilst she still enjoys a very good quality of life she does have quite significant spondylitis and some nerve damage to her back legs, this is managed both with conventional and natural medicine but she also does her own bit of hydro every day by always choosing to paddle down the stream on our walks.

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