Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Walking with friends

Have just spent a couple of days in the company of my best friend, Rosie, and two of her dogs- Chip and Fozzie the puppy. Whilst she was here we had a couple of lovely walks, on one occasion we took 11 dogs out with us aging from 4 months to just over 15 years! Even if i do say so myself the dogs were a credit to us, they all had a fantastic time but remained controlled enough for a couple of pictures where they all achieved a sit/stay.

The following day we took several to Dartmoor and again they had a wonderful time and ran off a lot of energy.

The only disappointment was Rhonda, we hoped she may have whelped whist Rosie was here but she is still hanging on, although her temp has dropped a couple of degrees this pm so we should have babies in the next 48 hrs.

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