Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What a differnce 3.5 weeks make.

Betty's little girl has gone off to start her new life today, so I took a couple of pictures of her before she went (as she was so cute and fluffy), then I took some photos of Cinders pup who is approx 3.5 weeks younger. Whereas Miluki (Betty's pup) doesn't stop, is very vocal and very nimble, Cinders baby is still quite unsure on his legs and thankfully not as demanding as Miluki. Obviously the age is the main reason he is not as well advanced, but I do wonder if being an "only Child" means that he hasn't had to fight for anything and consequently is a bit more of a laid back character, time will tell.
It will be interesting to see how he reacts to Sybils kittens now that he is coming out to learn about his surroundings, I have a feeling they will teach him a thing or two as they are a couple of weeks older than him.

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Harrjak said...

oh my....cinders' pup is gorgeous!
another cutie bundle!