Friday, 14 January 2011

Ladies in Waiting

Unfortunately I have to concede that Audrey is not pregnant. Last week I was 99% sure I could feel a puppy, but she is not showing and sign of an advancing pregnancy. I am so disappointed, both for myself and all those that have contacted me about the possible pups. I will of course try again on her next season, due in about 4 months. This will probably coincide with Dollar being mated but that can't be helped.

On the plus side, Betty is definitely pregnant, although she will almost certainly have a single pup again. Bella on the other hand is huge and she still has a week to go! I meant to take my camera on our walk this morning but forgot it, but as I promised Rosie I would take a picture of Bella, for Norman, I took a couple of shots on my phone. Once again the quality is not great but if you compare her outline to the picture in one of my recent posts it gives you an idea of her size, it's not just her abdomen that is swollen, her ribcage is also being pushed out.. She can't jump into the van anymore and I think I could probably run faster than her;-)

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