Thursday, 15 June 2017

A bit of a surprise

I'm sorry but I'm a bit late updating my blog, Tibbs finally went into labour on Tuesday afternoon, she produced her 1st kitten at about 6pm but although it looked perfect it was unfortunately stillborn. It was followed quite quickly by a 2nd kitten, this one was also stillborn but judging by its appearance it had been dead a little while, this did not bode well for the chances of Tibbs having any live kittens, but fortunately she then produced a strong and healthy little girl. I was so relieved for both her and myself, this is Tibbs' last litter and of course we lost Manuel just a few weeks ago so this girl was my last chance to keep their line going.

Tibbs was very content with her baby and completely settled into motherhood. A facebook friend christened the baby Tibblet, which has stuck. Today I had to go into work this evening. When I got home I checked in on Tibbs and Tibblet only to find they had been joined by a little blue and white girl, now known as Tiblate :)

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