Monday, 26 June 2017

Sometimes life seems very unfair.

After the surprise arrival of Tibblate everything seemed to be going well for Tibbs and her 2 babies, but last Tuesday I noticed that the umbilical cord on Tibblet didn't look right, a call to the vets ended with her being prescribed a course of antibiotics. The next day the cord looked a lot better but she was not right in herself and was not suckling properly, so I started to syringe feed her. By Thursday one of her back legs had swollen really badly and she was obviously not a well kitten, she had septicemia and the prognosis was poor. As she was still responsive we decided to start her on an additional course of antibiotics. Again she appeared to be fighting the infection and by Saturday morning there was definite improvement in her leg, but by the evening she was worryingly quiet. I carried on with her feeds through the night but by Sunday morning it was evident that she was losing the battle and was now showing signs of distress, so the heartbreaking decision to let her go was made. R.I.P Tibblet. Her sister, Tibblate is thriving.

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