Sunday, 11 June 2017

Returned kitten seeks new home.

My blue kitten that had the stress hernia repair has not had the best time, she had the hernia repaired and was spayed a few weeks ago and having got the all clear from my vet she went to her new home. Unfortunately by the time she was checked by her new families vet there had been a partial breakdown in the repair which means that she is going to need another surgery, although this should be a very quick operation with 100% recovery her family made the very hard decision to return her to me. She arrived back yesterday and as can be seen she and Beetle wasted no time in starting up fast and furious play. She is still the most affectionate kitten and when she is not running at 100mph she wants nothing more than to be with people, and her purring is just non stop when she is settled with you. She is scheduled for surgery this week and once I am certain there is not going to be any further issue she will be looking for a new home. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details about this delightful purr machine that Emily has named Floof :)

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