Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A little earlier than expected!

For the last 17 years my girls have been very dependable with their seasons always going at least 7 months between their seasons, often going 8 or 9 months, but Eliza has now broken that unwritten rule and has had her second season just 6 months from her first. Whilst this is not a problem, especially as she is too young to even consider mating her, it does mean that I am left wondering when the other girls will come in. My next planned mating should be with Dime so I am now on red alert, just in case she follows Eliza's lead.

Here are a selection of pics from some of our recent walks, one of which was a walk with 2 of Eliza's brothers and a Dime/Cash pup.

I am very pleased to report that Tibblate is thriving, due to now being a singleton she has no competition and consequently is very laid back, she is more often found smuggled into Emily's bedroom than in her kitten bed :) We have now decided on a name for her (as she is staying with us Tibblate is too close to her mum, Tibbs), she will be Polly and I think that that has to complete our Fawlty Towers theme as not only is Tibbs going to be spayed, I think we have used all the names of the regulars from the series, apart from 'The Major' and as we are not planning on keeping a boy in the foreseeable future that name will have to be mothballed :)

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