Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Auntie Tibbs

It's been a turbulent few weeks with the cats, 1st we lost Manuel, then we had Tibbs with her split litter, one of which, despite fighting hard for her, we lost and now Bob has a nasty infection and is currently at the vets on a drip (she is showing signs of improvement and I am hoping she will be home tomorrow). Thankfully, as is typical of many queens, the mothering instinct is very strong in Tibbs and she has stepped up to the mark and is happily nursing Bobs babies. I am also trying to supplement Bobs kittens as Tibbs milk supply has only needed to feed one kitten for the last 4 weeks so it will take a few days for her to up production. What is amusing is seeing Polly, who has never had to compete for anything, being pushed out of the way by the tiddlers, who are not backwards in coming forwards. Just in case the animals felt I didn't have enough to worry about, Dimes progesterone test says that she needs to be mated in within the next 0-48hrs!!

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