Saturday, 21 August 2010


Frankie is one of Rhondas pups, she has unfortunately developed cataracts and is now blind (these are NOT hereditary cataracts).He thinks it likely that Rhonda had a viral infection during pregnancy that has caused this problem. I can't begin to describe how upsetting this has been. This happened very quickly and all the other pups have been seen by an eye specialist and will be checked again in 2 weeks time. Frankie - so named after ol'blue eyes Frank Sianatra, is coping remarkably well. When she is with her littermates you would be hard pushed to see any problem but once she is on her own she does bump into things a bit more. She is however a remarkably confident, happy and loving pup therefore I feel she deserves a chance at life.

The eye specialist feels she is a good candidate for surgery once she is a bit bigger, but at a cost approaching £3000 this is going to require some serious saving and may well take a long time before we can look at going down this route.

Ideally I would like to find a very special home for this pup, she should live a pretty normal life but obviously there are many considerations to take account of when caring for a blind pup. Until the right home can be found she will be part of our family and if necessary she will stay here, although I feel she would be better placed in a household with less dogs.

The first of Dollars pups, now known as Cally has gone to her new home, she is going to be a very spoilt puppy, lucky girl. 2 of her brothers are still waiting to find somebody to love.

All the pups were microchipped on Weds, they travelled very well, only a couple were sick on the journey - though they managed to ensure they shared it with every pup in the van :-)  Not one puppy made a sound when they were chipped, a credit to Emmas chipping technique.

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Pam said...

My heart goes out to you and the Apricot poodle people. You are doing such a good job with the pups. Frankie seems to be in the best of hands. I will keep my fingers crossed.