Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Swings and roundabouts

The pups are becoming more and more of a handful, despite the fact that 6 silvers have gone to their new homes we still have a lot of puppies. All the silvers now have homes, but we now have 2/3 apricot boys that have become re available, these boys all have very strong chatacters and will make great companions (They love a cuddle as well, as you can see in the pictures). All the apricot pups are due to be seen by the eye specialist on 02.09.2010 and hopefully they will be given the all clear to go to their new homes then.

The pups may look a little bedraggled in some of the pictures, this is due to the persistant rain we have had, I think if they stay here much longer they will develop flippers!!  Monica - you should be able to identufy Galax in the photos soon, as he should be the only silver here after the weekend:-).


Villemy said...

I am soooo looking foreward to get Galax now! Just can`t wait!
I will take a look here every day to see if there are any Galax- pictures ;)

Thank you som much for photos! They all look so adorable!

Here in Norway all of the silver breeders are excited to see Galax.. There are very few male silver standards here and all of them are either related to Tiana or not stud dogs for different reasons.
Hopes are high for this one...

mary e. said...

We brought Rafiki home yesterday and she's just great!
So well socialised - already playing with Zurie + Ebony and treats the cat like he's part of the furniture!
Slept quietly ALL night too - no dawn chorus here :-))
Thanks Jane for such a super pup.

Villemy said...

Mary e: So nice to hear! Can`t wait to get Galax!

Pam said...

Sophie is a treat! We brought her home last Sunday and she is settling in nicely. Seems to know(mostly) to do her business outside. The cat is somewhat afraid of her, but is gaining courage.

We have one of those Yucca-type trees that we don't like. It sheds spear fronds all over the place. Sophie has made good use of the fronds as she likes to play with them. We have a tug of war and then I drag her around the garden with one.

She's a lovely pup and we're so glad to have a dog back in our lives again. Thank you, Jane!