Thursday, 2 September 2010

All Clear

The apricot pups had their follow up appointments with the eye specialist today and were given the all clear to go to their new homes :-). All the silver pups except Galax, who is off to Norway on Monday, are now enjoying life with their new families and today 2 of the apricot girls went off to pastures new.

2 of the apricot boys are still waiting for a home of their own, Super Duper Dave(a real character) and Vinnie (a complete thug, in the nicest possible way!). They are in the centre of the photo below.

Frankie continues to impress me. She had her 1st outing yesterday, to the hairdressers. She quite happily sat on my knee admist all the hustle and bustle, she wasn't at all worried by the noise of the hairdryers. Obviously she caused a lot of attention - well she is beautiful, and whilst she didn't back away from anything she was a little reserved when strangers approached. However once we got outside I popped a lead on her (1st time) and walked down the High Street. She was a little star and trotted on quite confidently, not at all bothered by any of the heavy traffic, and when people approached her she responded by wagging her tail. The only special guidance I gave her was to let her know when she had to go up or down a kerb. I have now ordered her a T shirt advising people that she is blind. Picture below shows Sahara, just before leaving today, and Frankie insisting she is centre of attention.

I have had a suggestion for my website that I have a page where I can post pictures and information of pups and their owners, this will allow those who want to see how their pups siblings are progressing and possibly contact other owners. If you have a pup I would be interested on your views and if you are in favour perhaps you could send me a photo with any information/contact details that you feel is appropriate.


mary e. said...

Fabulous news- so glad they're all doing so well- Frankie is so amazing and you're doing such a good job on her socialisation- I'm sure she'll grow int a grand little personality.
I think it would be good to keep in contact with the other pups and owners too.
Good luck to all the babies as they go off to their new homes:))

Pam said...

Oh thank heavens! I was so worried for you and the pups. Interestingly, the Blue Cross newsletter just had an article on a blind pup.

Yes, if it's not too much trouble, I'd be happy to keep in contact with the other pup owners via the web.

T9sus4 said...

Lovely to hear the Frankie is getting around and about in the world so well!

We would be more than happy to have Charley's and our details on your website. Email will wing its way to you soon.

Jane Rowden said...

Thank you everyone, look forward to being able to post your photos etc soon.


Sharon said...

Hi Jane, would love to keep in touch, I can't believe how much pleasure Cally has brought us in such a short space of time, she's flat out asleep on our bed as I write!! I will send photos this weekend. So pleased to read that Frankie is doing well, good luck to Galax for his journey to his new home.