Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Spoo pups at 5 weeks oldMy Movie (2)

Just a quick clip of the pups outside. Will be starting the marathon job of bathing clipping soon.


Ville Cille said...

A new movie! Hurray! I was waiting for that.. Lovely video... Thank you very much!

Are there more pictures comming, too? :)

mary e. said...

Those silvers look like a real bunch of thugs! Loads of confidence and full of fun-hope the bicycle tyre survived their attention:))
Really looking forward to meeting them all tomorrow- though choosing just one will be very difficult!

Ville Cille said...

Mary: what color and sex are you going to have? I am going to have a silver male :)

from Norway

mary e. said...

Monica- We're having a silver girl-been waiting for this one a long time - hoping it will grow up just like her mum and big sister- they're both gorgeous- have fun with your silver boy!

Hooch n Troops said...

Fab photos...especially like the ginger & white kittens!

Pups look great with their first cuts and bath...wow that must have been a marathon groom!