Friday, 6 January 2012

The Last 3

As the title suggests, there are just 3 of Audreys pups still available, 2 boys and a girl (though I do currently have interest in the girl and should know by Sunday if she has a home). I have bathed and clipped them today and taken some pictures., though I am a little disappointed with the photos as it makes their colour look washed out, which it most certainly isn't.
Blue collar boy is a rufty tufty lad, always in the middle of trouble and has an answer for everything, he will be a dog that would benefit from a home where his energies could be channeled into some form of activity, perhaps obedience or agility, or even just keeping him stimulated by teaching him tricks etc. He would love a busy family home.

 Green collar boy(Mikey) is a lovely friendly lad, a little more sensitive than blue boy and I suspect he would enjoy being someones special pet. He is very affectionate and really enjoys human company.This little lad has now gone off to his new home in Oxfordshire.

 Yellow collar girl is a sweetie, nothing troubles her, she is happy little soul and will make a lovely pet. She is smaller than her brothers. I am pleased to say that she now has a home waiting for her:)

All the pups are well socialised, happy and energetic, All are in excellent health and are enjoying life to the full. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit to see mum and her pups.


SW said...

Oh how gorgeous they all look, Jane! I am sure that anyone who meets them will want one. (Personally, I am smitten with blue boy ...he is drop dead gorgeous!!)
I can certainly confirm how balanced they are...Evie is an utter delight, full of fun and also so affectionate and cuddly...just a wonderful pup.

Rosie Ison said...

Just love the little girl. What fantastic ear set she has :-)))) They are a real credit to you Jane

Pam said...

They look lovely. Very happy pups :)