Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A little request

Please if you are interested in one of my puppies or kittens, before you ask me to hold it for you, check with significant others that they are happy for you to have the animal, decide about potential holiday dates, if you make arrangements to come and view, and for whatever reason you can't make it, let me know so that I don't have to rush home and then wait around for you. If you change your mind, please don't lie to me.

I have been very fortunate in meeting some lovely people, many of whom are now friends, through my dogs and cats. Unfortunately in the last few months I have also had to deal with numerous idiots, a large amount of people with no basic manners and a few outright liars.

I invest a huge amount of time and energy in producing sound puppies and kittens, please don't waste my time and please don't promise an animal a home if you have no intention of honoring that promise. I try to be straight and fair with any one that makes an enquiry and would appreciate the same back.

I am not looking for sympathy or anything else, just to make people aware that, because of all the above reasons I still have my gorgeous Dennis looking for a home.


Rosie Ison said...

Thats just so frustrating for you. Is that the person we were talking about yesterday ?
In the past I have been interested in puppies I've heard about .but then, for whatever reason, I couldn't continue (although I hasten to add its never been just before I am due to collect !!!) In fact its been well before I have even seen the puppy. I always tell the truth. The dog world is really a small place, and as sure as eggs are eggs someone will find out if a lie has been told.:-(

Jane Rowden said...

yes, contacted her and got threatening emails in response

mary e. said...

Some people just drive a person to distraction :-(
Sorry to hear you've had a nasty time-waster again - hope little Dennis finds his forever family very soon.
All your pups and kittens are so gorgeous its truly a privilege to own them!
Don't let the b******* get you down Jane x

SW said...

Hi Jane... I am so sorry about the obvious hassle you have had ...especially at such a sensitive time for you with close family illness. Wholeheartedly agree with Mary's sentiments. Just hope someone more worthy contacts you soon about Dennis... he surely does deserve a special all your very special pups do.

Anonymous said...

Could you charge people a deposit before you'll reserve a puppy for them? It might help weed out time wasters if they have to stump up £50 or whatever - and I don't think any genuine buyer would object.